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The market demand for filling machines continues to grow. There is still room for optimization in the industry structure

Filling machine is a kind of packaging equipment, which is a machine that injects materials into containers. Manual filling is slow, low in efficiency, easy to cause contamination of filling materials, and some dangerous products can cause harm to human life and health, so the penetration rate of filling machines continues to increase. Filling machines can be widely used in industries such as chemicals, lubricants, coatings, edible oils, medicine, food, beverages, and daily chemicals.

According to the materials that can be filled, filling machines can be divided into liquid filling machines, oil filling machines, paste filling machines, sauce filling machines, powder filling machines, granular filling machines, etc.; according to pressure According to the degree of automation, filling machines can be divided into semi-automatic filling machines, fully automatic filling machines, etc. according to the degree of automation.

With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrialization, the demand for filling machines in the Chinese market has begun to grow. In the early days, my country's filling machine R&D and production capacity was weak, and the market demand mainly relied on imports. Driven by the increasing demand and attracted by the interests, the number of enterprises entering the field of filling machines in my country has been increasing, and the scale of the industry has begun to expand. However, these companies have insufficient R&D and innovation concepts, and mainly imitate foreign products for production. The products in the market are seriously homogenized, and the quality is uneven, and the development of the industry is relatively chaotic.

According to the "China Filling Machine Market Analysis Feasibility Study Report 2021-2025" released by the New Sijie Industry Research Center, as the degree of industrial mechanization continues to increase, the demand for filling machines in the Chinese market has accelerated Performance and quality requirements continue to increase. In this context, it is difficult to meet the demand of the domestic market by relying on imitation-produced filling machines. Some powerful companies have continuously increased their emphasis on independent research and development, which has promoted continuous reform and upgrading of the industry and continuous technological progress. At this stage, the types of filling machine products that can be produced in my country are increasing, and a number of excellent companies have emerged, but there are still many small-scale and weak companies.

In the overseas market, the main manufacturers of filling machines are Lile Group, Adelphi, Tenco, Accutek Packaging Equipment, Universal Filling, Coven Egidio, Technical, etc.; in the Chinese market, the main manufacturers of filling machines are Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Dejian Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tetra Haye Ice Cream Machinery Co., Ltd., Sidel Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Hefei Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., etc.

Industry analysts from Xinsijie said that in 2019, my country's packaging machinery market will be around 46 billion yuan, of which the total market size of filling machines, filling and sealing machines, and back-end packaging machines will be around 18.5 billion yuan. Filling machine is one of the indispensable important equipment in the packaging industry. Driven by demand, my country's filling machine industry continues to expand in scale, production technology continues to improve, and product categories continue to increase. However, the industry structure is still unreasonable and strong. The number of weak small companies is relatively large, and there is still room for optimization in the future.

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