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About our 60YP filling and sealing machine equipment installation and safety regulations introduction

December 23, 2021

1 .Equipment installation

This chapter formulates the following items for the installation of the automatic tube filling and sealing machine.

1) Unpacking inspection

  • ♦ Please carefully check whether the factory inspection certificate, instruction manual, and random preparation tools in place are consistent with the packing list.

  • ♦ Follow the instructions to check whether the machine model matches the order.

  • ♦ If you find the machine and its damaged and affected wounds, please contact our company immediately for proper handling.

2) Equipment installation environment

  • ♦ The machine should be installed on a firm level ground and the height of the feet should be adjusted so that the machine is in a horizontal position.

  • ♦ This machine should be installed in a clean and dust-free workshop, the ambient temperature should be 18-26℃, and the relative humidity range of 45-65%, otherwise it will cause unstable operation of the machine and ♦ damage the electrical appliances.

  • ♦ The power supply of this machine is three-phase five-wire alternating current, and the optional voltage is 380V/220V. The machine must be grounded reliably.

  • ♦ This machine needs to be equipped with a clean and stable air source, the air source pressure shall not be less than 8kgf/cm2, and the air displacement shall not be less than 0.6m3/min.

2. Safety rules

1. Before using the machine, please clean up the surrounding environment. There should be no dangerous objects and other sundries within 1 meter around the machine.

2. Do not modify mechanical parts at will, otherwise it will cause accidents.

3. The operator should wear lightly, and the cuffs of the clothes must be fastened and a work cap should be worn.

4. It is forbidden to adjust the machine while the machine is running.

5. When adjusting the filling volume, it must be adjusted by a professional (operator or maintenance technician). Before starting the machine again, it must be confirmed that the doors are well closed. Generally, it is not allowed to open the windows and doors of the main drive system.

6. The surface of the machine is protected by a transparent organic glass door. It is not allowed to open it when it is turned on, and it is strictly forbidden to reach into the table of the working system.

7. When there is an emergency, immediately press the red emergency stop button, after troubleshooting, restart the machine slowly, and confirm the troubleshooting to start the host normally.

8. Run idling for 2-3 minutes before filling in each shift to check whether all parts of the machine are operating normally. It should achieve stable working conditions, balanced operation, no abnormal noise, normal operation of all regulating devices, and reliable operation of all instruments.

9. This machine should be operated by trained and qualified personnel. Others cannot operate at will, otherwise the danger of injury or damage to the machine may occur.


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