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Make up for the three shortcomings, the domestic filling equipment industry can reach a new level

December 23, 2021

Many users have a deep understanding of the changes that have taken place in the domestic filling machine industry in recent years. For example, at the 58th Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition in 2019, some exhibitors said that they used to buy manual and semi-automatic filling machines. Now the fully automated filling production line developed on the market can achieve higher automation. The capping and later packaging can be completed automatically, which is very in line with the needs of modern production.

One of the benefits of more automated filling equipment is that the production capacity has been greatly improved and the cost of the enterprise has been reduced. It is reported that in order to increase the production capacity of the equipment, some oral agent filling machine companies have introduced excellent technology from Germany and combined with the actual domestic needs, redesigned and planned the equipment, and applied the products to their own categories, so that the output was higher than that of ordinary equipment. It is more than doubled, and generally can reach the output of 200~250 bottles/min. At present, it is a relatively high-yield filling equipment in China and is favored by many users.

For some large pharmaceutical companies, stand-alone equipment has been difficult to meet the needs of large-scale production, not only is low efficiency, takes up space, but also has many problems. With the continuous development of technology, integrated equipment gradually enters the market to better serve the enterprise.

At present, many domestic filling equipment companies have built a body that can not only produce stand-alone, but also can form a linked production line with bottle washing machines, dryers and other equipment to meet the production needs of different companies and fully comply with GMP requirements.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with similar foreign products, some domestic filling equipments also stand out at some pharmaceutical machinery exhibitions due to their high cost performance.

But what cannot be ignored is that compared with imported products and foreign excellent filling equipment, the domestic filling equipment industry still has several shortcomings, which need to be supplemented.

First, in terms of structural design, the compactness of the complete structure of the domestic filling equipment needs to be improved, and the structure needs to be rationalized. The rationalization of the structure includes not only the optimization of the part structure and the improvement of equipment reliability, but also the research on the reduction of equipment cost, as well as the convenience of operation and maintainability. 

At present, some filling companies have combined the actual needs of customers for equipment reliability, taking the existing filling machine as the research object, analyzing its process requirements and structural characteristics, and on the premise of meeting the requirements of the filling process, the existing filling Some functional structures of the filling machine were improved, and the overall structure model of the new type filling machine was established to improve the stability of the filling machine. 

Secondly, in terms of service life. One of the characteristics of domestic pharmaceutical equipment is its relatively short service life. Users often find large and small faults in the process of using the filling machine. After several repairs, the service life of the equipment is greatly reduced. According to the industry, the life of equipment is closely related to the selection of equipment, manufacturing technology and other aspects. Equipment companies are required to give play to the spirit of craftsmanship, self-discipline and self-improvement, and treat them with rigorous attitudes to create more precise, high-quality, and long-life equipment.

Third, the core technology. Domestic filling machine equipment companies lack core technologies. Many companies rely on the introduction of foreign technologies and processes. Their own innovative research and development capabilities need to be strengthened in order to not be controlled by others and improve their core competitiveness. 

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