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LP100 type bottle washing machine

1.Large capacity bottle storage device, automatic quantitative feeding bottle.

2.Imported optical fiber detection, automatic control linkage, the rationale of the bottle is smooth without hurting the bottle, not the card bottle.Ensure the bottle upright.

3.The main driving gear is provided with an overload safely sliding mechanism, which ensures that the parts and the bottle are not damaged.

YGX-P aerosol filling machine

1.hfcgh precision ceramic pump or creeping pump is used for filling, with high precision and stable performance.

2.PLC control, touch screen operation, variable frequency speed regulation, with no bottle no filling, no bottle without nozzle function.

3.Filling no shock, no splash, no bubble, no drip filling needle.

4.Rotary capping, adjustable torque, ensure rolling tightly without loosening, and does not hurt the cover.

JBJ capping machine

1.PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency control, with no bottle on the cover function and fault alarm function.

2.Mold control, positioning and stamping, action is stable and reliable, high pass rate.

GLT-A vertical labeling machine

1.PLC control, touch screen operation setting, variable frequency speed regulation. With automatic counting function.

2.No bottle not standard, not print, without labeling, with fault alarm and fault display function.

3.Product batch number, production date, validity, etc.. Also can use inkjet printing technology.

The main technical parameters

Load    5-20ml,20-50ml,50-100ml    

Filling accuracy    ≤±1 .5%    

Compressed air    0.5~0.7MPa 6~8m3/h    

Power supply    220V/380V 50Hz 6KW    

Outline dimension    8000x1200x1500mm    

Production capacity    80-110 bottle/min    

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